Some secrets are not supposed to remain secret: twenty years of music at the highest level, participating in some of the most important Italian projects, could not go unnoticed, and now, finally, Patrick Benifei comes out of the closet.
A true vocal talent with a warm and clean soul voice, easy to spot. Patrick Benifei was hosted by Neffa on the stage of Sanremo Festival, together with the Bluebeaters (Patrick has been their lead singer for the past two years, touring all over Italy).
Patrick Benifei has also lent his voice to many musical projects, including the international hit “After The Rain” by Fedo Mora & Camurri, as well as collaborations with Zibba, Mecna and Ensi.
In addition to singing, he is also a great musician: in recent years he has partnered with Neffa, with Ghemon in "Orchidee" and with Coez in "Niente che non va”. He has played for several commercials, including one for Ferrari 488 Spider Unveil in 2015. In 2014 he accompanied Ron at Sanremo Festival and it was the great artist Ron himself, impressed by his talent, to encourage him to work on a solo project.
Always cheerful and smiling, Patrick is a real 360° talent: in 2009 he participated in X Factor 3 as a coach.
In 2016 the solo adventure starts, with the single "Sono qui", a song with an international sound that proves the great potential of this artist.
Patrick Benifei reveals himself as one of the greatest Italian talents and he is no longer a secret

Label: Time

Oltre La Mente

Oltre La Mente




Sono Qui (Bluebeaters Version)Sono Qui (Bluebeaters Version)
Sono Qui (Molella & Valentini Remix)Sono Qui (Molella & Valentini Remix)
Sono QuiSono Qui