Danko shows his interest in music since his early childhood, begins studying piano at the age of 6. At 10, he approaches electronic music and starts experimenting differents genres, including Electro House and Future House ones. He studies differents sequencers and creates an excellent feeling with Logic Pro. He starts experimenting and creating new sounds. At the age of 13, he studies and learns music’s editing techniques inside a sofisticatic studio recordings, his interest grows considerably and touches new genres. Attends graduate schools for Djs and immediately tunes into the DJ consolle. The WLA agency engages him as an emerging talent and Danko joins the Artist Staff of it. In 2016 he is already a registered DJ/PRODUCER at SIAE and starts his first shows in important Italian clubs. On the occasions of some professional and personal encounters with international dance music’s holy monsters Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, he is positively affected by their charisma and their music, collaborates with Morgan J, and he’s present at important festivals such as The Wish Outdoor festival where he has the opportunity to match him personally with Zedd, Steve Aoki,Jay Hardway, Pep and Rash and others important international DJs. He’s the Angemi’s Versilia Summer Festival 2016 guest DJ and with the last one shares private sets with Angemi in a studio recordings. Thanks to his virtuosity and his manager's acumen, Danko was the youngest italian DJ producer to play in the prestigious Turin’s Reload Music Festival, in March 2017.
In 2017 he signed a contract with the prestigious Time Records for his first single.
This single will be remixed by one of the most important duo in Electronic dance music, MARNIK, known around the world for their music and charisma.

Label: Time


Savior (Remixes)

Savior (Remixes)

1.Radio Edit
3.Jako Diaz Remix
4.Jako Diaz Extended Remix
5.MorganJ Remix

Savior (Remixes)