Cristian Marchi is one of the most popular and internationally appreciated Italian DJs; from Mykonos to Poland, from Korea to Australia, from France to Spain, and Italy of course, Cristian is always on tour and his progressive house music hits clubs and festivals.
He was born in Mantova in 1976 and he is a real talent at the mixer. Cristian, like many international djs, has had several hits, many of them collected in 2011 "We Are Perfect" compilation.
His great success was not immediate.
He started with 2007/2008 singles "Feel The Love" (Marchi's Flow project, top ten in several countries), and "We Are Perfect" (top charts in Italy, Spain, Poland, Australia), but the first very big hit was "Love, Sex, American Express". Since then Cristian has been working with the famous dance producer Paolo Sandrini as well as the Italian djs Nari & Milani ( "Let It Rain", "I Got You," Take Me To The Stars "...) and the German dj Syke 'N' Sugarstarr ( "U 'Got Me Rocking", with the voice of Lisa Millett).
"One Night", "Let's F**k" and "Keep Calm And Twerk On" are the titles of his last singles, all of them big hits in international clubs and festival.

Label: Time


Demons Out (Feat. Eon Melka) (Remixes)

Demons Out (Feat. Eon Melka) (Remixes)

1.Chicco Secci Remix Edit
2.Chicco Secci Remix
3.Cristian Marchi & Luis Rodriguez Club Edit
4.Cristian Marchi & Luis Rodriguez Club Mix



Demons Out (Feat. Eon Melka)Demons Out (Feat. Eon Melka)
Check Out Da BassCheck Out Da Bass
Your Loving ArmsYour Loving Arms
Keep Calm & Twerk On (SOBE Miami Rework)Keep Calm & Twerk On (SOBE Miami Rework)