L`Aura can boast a unique talent as composer, pianist, violinist and singer as well. Her unmistakeable and sweetly powerful voice creates sophisticated atmospheres that enchant for their beauty.

After two years spent in San Francisco to perfect her skills L’Aura returns to Italy to record her first record titled "Okumuki", sung part in Italian and part in English and can brag about the production work of Enrique Gonzalez Muller (sound engineer from the historic Plant Studios of San Francisco, already working with none other than Jason Newsted from Metallica, Dave Matthews Band, Joan Baez e Joe Satriani).

Her first album "Okumuki" gets released in 2005 and the single "Radio Star" becomes a radio hit. The rock video of the song, shot on the streets of Los Angeles, gets played heavily on MTV and receives huge media coverage. The following CD singles "Today" and "Una Favola" ( "A Fairy Tale" ) make it to the first 50 top selling singles.

In 2005 L'Aura opens for great Italian and International talents, such as Lenny Kravitz, The Dresden Dolls, Claudio Baglioni and Renato Zero; she wins the title " Revelation of the Year" at MEI 2005 (Italian independent music festival). Followed by an ever-growing crowd of fans, she performs more than 150 gigs in one year.

In 2006 L'Aura takes part at the "Festival di Sanremo" and her song "Irraggiungibile" achieves an impressive amount of success . With more than 50'000 copies sold, the record "Okumuki" soon reaches the status of Gold.

The release date of her second record, "Demian", named after the beautiful and spiritual Herman Hesse homonym book, is set for June the 8th 2007 and sung, again, part in Italian, part in English. The record sounds very different from Okumuki and it is heavily influenced by her favorite music: jazz, electronica, dream-pop, movie-sountrack music and rock.
The first single , paired with a genius music video by Maki Gherzi, "Non è una favola" ("This Is No Fairy Tale"), is a witty song with lots of irony, and attitude. It makes fun of Hollywood stars and their paranoid behaviors.

During 2007 L'Aura promotes "Demian" participating at many MTV's and All MUSIC's programs, and performing live with GNU Quartet, a particular combo of strings and a flute. She even collaborates with the amazing American singer-songwriter Rufus Wainright.

In 2008 L'Aura takes part for the second time at the "Festival di Sanremo" with a song about non-violence called "Basta!" ("Enough!"). The song achieves an incredible radio success , reaching number 12 in the official charts.
During Sanremo her record label releases a new album, "L'Aura", containing tunes from her past CDs, a live version of "Radio Star", 3 previously unreleased tracks and a Fabrizio De Andrè's cover named "Bocca di Rosa", acclaimed by most of Italians as one of the best Italian songs of all times.

She also wins the prize for "Best Sanremo's Song" at the prestigious "Premio Lunezia" and opens the concerts of internationally acclaimed Alanis Morrissette, The Police, R.E.M. and Ben Harper.

Also, in the same period of time, Italian superstar Gianluca Grignani duets with L'Aura for his new single "Vuoi vedere che ti amo" (" I Guess I love you"). The song gets major radio airplay and scores more than 3 million views on Youtube.

In 2009 L'Aura sings her song "Radio Star" at the big charity event "Amiche Per L'Abruzzo". She shares the stage with international superstars such as Laura Pausini, Elisa, and Gianna Nannini.

In 2010 she releases her fourth album called "Sei Come Me", anticipated by single "Come Spieghi", heavily played by all Italian Radios. She writes part of the soundtrack for the movie "Una Canzone Per Te", where she also guest stars as an actress, in the role of herself.

Her second single from the same album, "Gira L'Estate", reaches number 20 in the official charts, and by the end of 2011 she releases her last single to date , an Italian version of Bonnie Tyler's 1983 hit "A Total Eclipse of The Heart".
"Eclissi del Cuore" gets re-recorded in a duet-version with Nek , and becomes a hit, getting the top ten and reaching the status of Platimum.

In the same year she duets with singer-songwriter Enrico Ruggeri, rearranging with GNU Quartet one of his amazing songs, called "Quello che le donne non dicono" and she gets married in Miami with music producer and arranger Simone Bertolotti.

In 2012 she starts writing for her upcoming album, and in 2013 she gives birth to Leonardo, her first child.

In 2014 she participates to the Raiuno Hit Show "Stasera Laura", hosted by international superstar Laura Pausini singing with her the song "Con la Musica alla radio".

In 2015 Laura Pausini releases her new record "Simili" (platinum) and L'Aura writes for the album two great songs, sung by the beautiful voice of the Italian singer and TV Presenter. Simili enters the Billboard International Chart , scoring an impressive number 3 .

In 2016 L'Aura finishes up the recordings for her new album, inspired by the music of the fabulous Sixties and Seventies. Produced by Simone Bertolotti (Elisa, Laura Pausini and Giusy Ferreri) and mixed by Michael Brauer ( Colplay, John Mayer, Paul McCartney) at Electric Lady Studios in New York , her new album is about to be released.

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