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date: 2018-01-17 - category: INTERVIEWS - comments: 0


  • You're so young! When you've realized that Music will be your Work Life?
It’s all very true! Many young people nowadays manage to reach successful goals but it’s always satisfying being part of such a world at 20 years only . It’s just a starting point but I want to make it work in the right way! It wasn’t because of a specific event, let’s say that in 2013 I ‘ve started working on some sequencers and one year later ( I was 16 years old) I signed with my first contract to a little record company. Let’s say that the turning point happened in 2016 thanks to the bootleg of "Sofia", the great production by Alvaro Soler , that was played all around Italy. An astonishing result that helped me to understand I could make something special following my own feelings. From that moment I started working odd hours ,seeing less people and hanging out with my colleagues from Rome who strongly believed in me; I took my revenge with concrete actions instead of using words…
  • Which artists you get inspired the most?!
I don’t’ really get inspired by other artists; I ‘ve been working during these years to sharpen my sound and tried to find the right blend between what I personally love and what people love , so I can make all happy. If I need to say two names I can mention Robin Schulz, Lost Frequencies and I really admire Kharfi, a young talented guy from Milan and the Zonderling. I'm a very friendly person but I need to use music as a common ground between myself and my feelings. Sometimes I can only talk about my emotions through music, I'm a sort of “freezer-man” on quite all my personal questions. I can assert I usually get inspired from myself, from what passes in my head in every single moment. Its’ strange to say but in my private life I listen to a very few EDM tracks: my favourite genres are Pop music and Alternative Rock so I can tell that Justin Timberlake , for me is the best artist ever, as the Muse. Great stuff! Lots are the artists that brought me close to music world: Maximals, Kharfi, Danko e ANGEMI; with this last artist I don’t have a good personal releation ship now but I must say that in the past he gave me a special quid that helped in starting to go through this difficult music business world.
  • And what about your brand new single "Reasons To Love You"?
Lots to say here! I still remember how the first rough line came out: I was out with friends and while going back home I’ve started whistling melodies as I usually do .. that’s how the refrain arrived! I run home and immediately worked on this sound with my sequencer staying focused all night. At 5.30 AM l I called one of my best friends and went out with his car to listen how the track was playing ! It was working really well! So I stayed on this song for a long time to make the sound perfect and then send it to Time Rec! And this is it! I never thought that this single would work so well as much as to be positively reviewed by the Eurovision Ceco , thanks to the extremely talented Jakub Ondra voice that sang the melody line. I’m really happy and I feel that this song has all the potentiality to help me in making some steps further in this buz I am conscious that I still have to do a lot but I m sure I can make it!
  • What are you doing this year?
The year 2018 started in a way I never really thought. From now on I will work keeping my head down trying to produce high quality and “catchy” sounds so that people can hum my songs around! It seems to work with “Reasons to Love You” but I hope I can produce and create a top hit to seriously change my life! But as I already said , I want to keep my head down and put all my passion and efforts in my works. A long term project in which I believe is to produce the up and coming artists of this moment. In a near future I would really love to work with Big artists from the international market as Merk & Kremont or Lush & Simon did. Music is multi faceted and I am able to be well rounded so I hope to easily reach this goal too!

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