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date: 2017-11-15 - category: INTERVIEWS - comments: 0


  • Your new single “Never Give Up On Love” feat. Polina will be released on Friday, tell us more about this new track.
In the past I worked already with Polina and produced her successful single “Fade To Love” in Los Angeles where she lives. We had some studio sessions, and a few months ago she played the demo of a song she was writing. I loved it from the very beginning and so we decided to join forces. Then with Ricky Romanini we have created the music now you can dance and listen to…
  • You always look ahead but if you think about your past what is your most exciting memory in your long career so far?
I must tell that I’m pretty proud of my career… well, of my careers! However, the best memories always belong to the great results you achieve. So I can’t forget when just landed to Miami I turned on my phone and Giacomo Maiolini called me to say that we had entered #4 in the UK sales chart! I shouted so loud for joy that the policemen threatened me to stop! Otherwise they would have arrested me! Lol! There’s more… maybe I will write a book one day!
  • From A&R to international DJ, your life dream, a special bond with music. When have you realized that this was pathway?
As a child I loved football and honestly I was pretty talented but my passion for music, especially dance music, prevailed… I can't remember a particular moment, it just happened naturally… it simply happened! Maybe I just let myself guided by passion and love for music. And music never betrayed me.
  • We are wondering what other surprises you have in store for us!
I'm not good at announcing, but for sure there will be many productions over the coming year! Especially two excellent collaborations, but now I can’t tell you more… well, if I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise any longer! Lol! Simply… stay tuned!

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